I'm Baylee
currently located (but who knows for how long) in salt lake city, utah

I'm currently studying elementary education at utah valley university (go wolverines!)
I'm the oldest of 4, the proud sister of 3 pretty cute brothers, lover of a chubby pup named Gus, and scared of a pretty kitty named Jazzy. Chaos is a given 'round here, but I LOVE IT
also a lover of a cute boy, who makes everything 10x more exciting & funnier. who treats me better then I ever deserve, who always is down for 7/11 hot chocolate at the oddest of hours #winning
i'm really good at obsessing about christmas time in June, eating my weight (& then some) in chocolate, decorating and redecorating and redecorating my room, attempting (and often failing) pinterest diys, and binging a "good" reality tv show

so why am i here???
I started blogging because I have never been one to write in a journal, though I have attempted many times, and I have always had a love for computers/internet/technology/my smartphone and all the marvelous capabilities they offer. haha  So that's why I blog. 
I blog because this is my online journal. 
A place where I can share my thoughts, and ideas, and never ending projects. A place to document my adventures, near and (hopefully) far.
This is a place where I am brutally honest and a place where I share my life and feelings. A place where I am able to connect with people.
This is a place where I can be me.

Hope you choose to stay awhile!

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