so I'm guessing you're here because you have...
a blog,
a business,
a question
or any other reason for that matter.
but don't fear! Baylee is here!

Do you want to advertise/partner with {baylee.jae}??!
I would love for you to!

email me your advertising questions at
Do you want to guest post!??!
I would love to share your words of wisdom with my readers!
Please email m with the subject line GUEST POST with your post and I will add it too my blog!
Do you want to host a giveaway on this blog??!!
I would love to help you and I'm sure my readers would love a good giveaway!
All I ask is you supply one product for me to keep and review on the giveaway post and then one to give to one lucky reader! Isn't that simple!?
Email me with the subject line GIVEAWAY to
Anymore questions, comments, or concerns?!?
I am more then willing to help!
email me at
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