Saturday, January 7, 2017

...and so the new adventure begins {2016 Review}

Let's skip the "New Year, New Me" facade and get down to the real deal.
A while back I heard and instantly fell in love with the quote, 
"Cheers to another year, and another year to get it right"
I love this.
To me, the arrival of a new year doesn't mean I get to reinvent myself,
I don't feel like I need to.
To me, the arrival of a new year means I get another chance.
I eagerly look towards the new year as another chance to accomplish the goals I didn't get to in the previous year..
I look forward to experiencing new places, and trying new things. 
I look forward to loving harder and appreciating the amazing people I have in my life.
I look forward to my progression in my studies and getting closer to the beginning of my dream career. 
I look forward to living in the moment, and letting myself have some fun.

Here is my events of 2016, and what I hope to accomplish in 2017

Rang in the new year with the cutest boy 
Survived (barely) the coldest and snowiest winter in Logan, Utah
Trudged through the month sicker then sick with a never-ending case of bronchitis
Began a fun tradition of visiting the cabin in Bear Lake as much as we could
Sundance Film Festival with 8 roommates/friends (No celeb sightings sadly)
Got all fancied up for a Great Gatsby party. USU doesn't disappoint in the party scene.

Mardi Gras Party and a Fortune Teller who told me I could expect, love, success, and a great storm...
Began dating my best friend
Visited and marveled at the new beautiful Provo City Center Temple
Visited Lava Hot Springs with some great friends

Visited family and friends in California with my love
Took him to Disneyland for his first time
Rode Tower of Terror 6 times in a row, Space Mountain 5 times
Family came and visited me in Logan, Utah
Celebrated 19 years of a good freakin' life!

Attended a beautiful session of General Conference in SLC
Got on the Kiss Cam at the baseball game (much to my humiliation)
Took another trip to Bear Lake with friends
Moved home (permanently) from Utah State and said goodbye to a great year

Started nannying again! Oh how I missed endless poopy diapers and spit up on me.

Took a quick trip to Vegas and Newport Beach w/ the dad and brothers and ate WAY too many acai bowls.
Started my internship with The Shine Project!
Went to a Leann Rimes concert

Went to northern Utah for the Fourth of July with the boy
Counselor at Be The Best You Camp in Lehi (I now have 8 new 14-year old bffs)
Panic! at the Disco and Weezer concert.. need I say more??

Moved into an apartment with my bff
Grudgingly started school again, this time at Utah Valley University

Started working in an Elementary library and 2nd grade class (I can't wait to graduate!)
Attended Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas. Saw Mumford and Sons, G-Eazy, J-Cole, Galantis to name JUST A FEW. Like literally there were 4 stages and 3 days of heavenly bliss and way too much Container Park Pizza cause why by a $15 donut when you can get a $10 pizza (jk I definitely bought both, no shame)

-Continued the fabulous grind of 30 minute work commutes
-Had a weird roommate try to break down my bedroom door at 3AM then apologize and cry for being crazy when finally I opened the door (Needless to say, I moved out.. a girl can only take someone being a psycho for so long)
Dressed up in spandex and unitards to channel our inner Richard Simmons for Halloween (We made it to In n Out then called it a night) Adulting. Sleep Deprivation. Life's a kicker.

Fam bam took off to California without me. LOVE YOU TOO
JK schools too hard to miss so I joined the boyf's family and joined my girlsssss for Black Friday.

Prepped for Christmas, watched a little too much Hallmark movies
Cried when I realized I was 1% away from passing math with my final looming and accounting for 50% of my grade.
Also crying when I got my test bc yeah that was not on the study guide.
Crying some more bc I got my score back and PASSED BLOODY MATH with .02% what I needed
Christmas. Oh it was perfectoooo

Well thats my year recapped. So exciting, right?! LOL lets just hope for a more exciting 2017.. maybe a few trips ;)

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